Saturday, January 29, 2011

Christmas Rescue-New Fur Baby

Just before Christmas, my husband brought home a cat. Someone knew someone, who knew someone that was being evicted. So somehow, this young cat was brought to my husband's place of work (good thing the health inspector was there at the time LOL). This young cat named Tigger, was going to stay with us for just a few days until a coworker could bring it to their parents house. (Yep, that worked out- NOT!)

Well, this cat fell in love with my husband and vice versa. Our cat and dog were not bothered by it in the least, nor was the new cat bothered by them. The cat's name Tigger just didn't fit. He has the bushiest tail! So of course being Harry Potter fans we immediately thought of Crookshanks. The name fit his tail but not his personality. So a few days after being renamed-he was renamed again to Spaz. Spaz completely fits his personality. He is always doing something crazy.

One afternoon, I had been crafting (cant you tell by the mess-hahaha) and then I had to step out for a few minutes. When we walked in to the dining room this is what I saw! Our older cat at least tries to run away, like we might not see her. She is black! But this new cat wasn't quite used to the rules of our house-no cats on the table or counters. I thought he should have had the nerve to look a little guilty. Instead, laid there while I got my camera out. And he proceeded to let me take several pictures.

So now we have two cats again. And once again they are a orange striped and a black cat with white spots.

Until next time.

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