Friday, October 31, 2008

Photos While My Computer Was Down

Near my MIL there is a man who has a deer/elk farm on his property. If you know where he lives you can visit. Earlier this year when we took my daughter, there were only 2 deer around. This time most of the heard was around. Including a doe that was on the wrong side of the fence. (Apparently she had been loose for a few days & they couldn't catch her) They are pretty used to people. They know where the gumball machine with the food is and what it means if you are standing near it. The buck did try to ram the fence when he thought my daughter was too close but not hard enough to have anything happen. (DD didn't even notice)

Happy Halloween

Well it has been awhile since I have posted. My laptop memory was very small and I overwhelmed it with photos! Ooops.. So finally I have an external hard drive and my DH helped move everything over so my laptop would work. Yippee! So just in time for Halloween I have some goodie boxes. The original Frankie box and directions are here. I wish I had the grass template but I don't so to help reinforce where the handle is, I punched 1" circles & adhered them to the spot I wanted the holes to go. I made 15 of them for the SU party I hostessed. I wish I was able to take a photo of all of them together.

From there I thought of more Halloween ideas. And then I came up with this.

And from there it went to Santa.

In the video Angie said it was wire from the lumber section. If it is the same thing I got from Home Depot it is called re-bar wire and it is greasy. I washed it with a baby wipe and it was just fine. Just don't handle your projects until after you wash your hands.