Monday, September 17, 2012

My Digital Studio 2

Ok so you have probably heard people talking about My Digital Studio, then My Digital Studio 2 (MDS2).  Well, I bought MDS way back when they first released it.  I was going to be a scrapbooker.  Yep, still waiting for that to happen.  Now there is MDS2.  Better & easier they said.  I wasn't really sure it was something I wanted to invest in.  I like the feel of paper, touching it, etc.  I have made a few pages when I have been really challenged to do it.

I am not saying I will every be a scrapbooker.  I am just a scrapbooker wannabe. However, when I went to a training in Rhode Island, I was VERY impressed with demonstration of the new things that could be done with MDS2.  Things like changing the color of words or letters in a verse stamp.  Check out this video.

Is that cool or what??  So I decided I was going to try the FREE 30 DAY TRIAL VERSION.  I did download it.  I did make the card you see above.  I wish I remembered which stamp sets I used.  Unfortunately, I kept clicking on different stamp sets.  At one point the card had butterflies on it, it said Hello.  It was purple, then blue.  You get the idea.  But the cool part was, I could change all those things without cutting more paper!  Finally, I decided to leave it basically the original colors and I only changed the opacity. I decided I really liked this design.  I used it for the cover photo on my facebook page. Maybe I will have to try a few scrapbook pages. 

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