Saturday, November 5, 2011

Sorry I Have Been Gone For So Long

Boy has time gone by.  I wish I could say it has flown by but it really hasn't, I just haven't had time for stamping. Boo hoo.   What's been taking all my time.  Classes!! And not stamping classes.  I started Social/Emotion Development of Young Children and Human Biology in August.  Well, I finished Soc/Emotion Dev at the end of Oct which was enough credits for me to change my certification with the state to an Ed Tech III.  Which doesn't really mean much except I have completed more school, might have a better chance of keeping my job during the next round of cut backs and I get to do billing with medicare.

Human Biology is still have another 6 weeks of school left.  Do you hear someone crying on a weekly basis and you don't know where it is coming from?  That would be me doing my homework.  At least it has gone from crying daily LOL.  My friends and family only have to hear me whine for another 6 weeks and then I will be done with the classes for this year.  The tears have been worth it so far.  My grades aren't too bad and if I pass with an 85 or higher my job will pay for it.

I am slowly giving up my craft room. (did you hear me whimper?)  My oldest son moved back home during this past summer.  My youngest son graduated high school and thought he would be going into the service in the fall.  An asthma test ended his plans for him pretty quickly.  I never let my oldest son have his room back since I had painted it and made it into a craft room.  I thought one was moving in and one was moving out. So I made them share a room for "a temporary amount of time".  Now that it seems I am stuck with them both (love you boys)  and they should have their own rooms again.  So around taking lab exams etc. I have been trying to clean things out of the downstairs closet so I can decide what is the most important stamping supplies I need.  The rest will have to go into the garage until one of them decides to move out.  At the rate I am going, shortly after Christmas the boys should have their own rooms again.

Now that you have listened to me rant and rave here is a little thank you card I made for my stamp group in Oct.  It is a 3x3 card.  I used my clear stamping block as a background stamp.  I love that it doesn't always make a consistent image.  (Maybe if I had tried harder but it wasn't the look I was going for anyways.) The flowers are from Just Believe.  One of my all time favorite stamp sets!
Hopefully it won't be so long between posts. At the very least you know I will be back in 6 weeks LOL.  I do have  a couple workshops planned before then so I should have some photos ready to post.

Until next time,

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