Friday, April 22, 2011

Downline Meeting Make & Takes

 My upline Cindi Kugell, has a downline meeting every month.  Since I joined Stampin' Up it has snowed every first Saturday of the month.  This month I finally got to go.  It was suppose to be bad weather that day as well, but it turned out to be nice so it was a last minute thing.  It was nice meeting such a great groups of ladies (please don't ask me to remember everyone's name because I couldn't).  Anyhow, a few ladies had make and takes to demo a few ideas they had.  The above card used a really cool technique I knew about but had never done.  All the wiggly lines are made with a rubber band on a brayer.  And I learned with the bird punch the wing is the attitude. 

Next was a sneak peak share; which is what I copied for my group of stamp ladies, changing up the colors a bit.

Lastly, we had our choice of a 6"x6" scrapbook page or a 3"x6" card.  I selected a card.  I did get a little smudge on it but I didn't want to use up all Cindi's paper.  Anything with a little smudge on it, my friend calls her "prototype".   Keep it for the idea and make a good one for someone else.  Besides, I like the layout so I am sure I will make something similar at some point.

Until next time.

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§hawnie® said...

I came to your website to view your beautiful cards, but now that I'm here I have GOT to know what the name of the Font is that you are using on your website! Where did you find it or could you email it to me at

Thank you so much and thank you for making beautiful projects to inspire people with!

~Shawnie B