Saturday, March 19, 2011

Crazy March So Far

This month has been absolutely crazy.  Usually, between Feb vacation and April vacation is the longest stretch at school.  Not this year I can believe we are more than half way through March already!  Where has the time gone?  Oh wait, I know.  All my classes I have had to take for my job this year.  I had a final this past Tuesday and I am officially a Behavior Health Professional with the state.

What does that mean for my job, not much really, hahaha.  But it means I can file my time differently at work and the school with get a reimbursement for some of my time.  If I went to a different organization, it means I could work with behavior children in their home and with the families.  Which at this point I don't think it is something I want to do.  But like my grandfather told me-no one can ever take an education away from you.

In addition to online classes and a BHP class, I have managed to hold one SU event which we made an adorable scrapbook page and Easter cards, which I will try to post later this week.  I am also working on making two baby diaper cakes for a someone I know, an Ipad carrying case for a little boy who is cute as a bug.  Then on April 9th I have a craft fair to get ready for.  I see lots of late nights in my near future to get everything done.

Until then,

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Jackie Barfield said...

Hey Stace, Use hot glue to attach the flower to the flip flop. I hope it holds. LOL. Glimmer brad would work. I used the brad to keep the layers together and then hot glued the whole piece.