Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Name Frame

Here is a name frame I forgot to post here. A former coworker of my husband saw some photos of things I had posted on Facebook. So he called to see if I had anything with wolves. Well I still have this retired set Wolf (I think that is what is was called).

He wanted something with wolves for his daughter, her name, and something that might imply her little brother wasn't welcome in her room. So I pulled out my handy dandy big shot. I cut her name out of coasters to add dimension.
I crumpled the brown paper to made it looked aged & distressed. I was worried that it would look like an old grocery bag-but Victoria loved it, so I guess it was fine.

I, being a total Twilight fan, thought is was ironic that I made a wolf sign for a little girl named Victoria. But I assume my humor is just to amuse myself....

Until next time,

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