Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Warm and Cozy

It isn't the greatest picture but you get the idea. I know coffee cozies are popping up everywhere. I have seen them made with felt with the SU basket die and felt. It didn't work trying to use regular material and batting. It looked like a skinny worm! This pattern came from here.

Does the material look familiar? It is the same material I used on rag bags I had made. This coffee cozy is a present for my son's girlfriend. She got one of the bags for a present. The cozy was suppose to be for Christmas present but I didn't get to sew before the holiday.

The cozy has two buttons on it to make it adjustable. Just in case she gets the XL drink from the coffee shop that is down the street from her apartment.

Well I am off to the fabric store to look for some more material.

Until next time,

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