Saturday, November 27, 2010

Black Friday

I have yet to hear the news on how Black Friday went here locally. It was a freezing mixture for the weather. I am not sure how many people still went out or if it effected sales or not. I know I didn't go out! I did my shopping online.

I ordered my youngest son some dvd's that are hard to find for his movie collection he has. So hopefully he will be happy with those. My darling husband wont be getting presents under the tree this year. Through my job we were able to purchase flat screen tv's at a very low price. So he already has his present. LOL. So that is half my family done.

The five year old wants everything in sight! But I hate to say clothing will be a major part of the gift giving this year since growing spurts keep happening! Last but not least, the oldest son, who is hard to buy for. He too will be getting some clothes but other than that I am not sure what the heck Santa will bring!!!

I know Santa will be shopping the Stampin Up Online Spectacular!! With such sales like that Santa will help me get ready for when I start doing workshops! What a wonderful Santa! I am so excited to be a Stampin' Up demo. I think I am going to be my own best customer.

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