Monday, October 18, 2010

Big Stars at the Craft Fair

Here are the two biggest hits at the craft fair. I always make Frankie every Halloween. Dracula was new this year. They are filled with a dozen "eyeballs". I found the cutest truffles wrapped in fail that looked like eyeballs. I sold almost all of these. And now I have to make some more before my next craft fair on Saturday. I am hoping they will be a big hit again considering Saturday is also "Ghostport" day.

I had many mixed emotions at the craft fair. I mean, it's sort of sticking your neck out and sometimes it feels like if they don't like your work, then you aren't a good crafter. Which part of me knows that is completely silly to think that, but still.

The first people to come in came over asked my all kinds of questions. They knew I had used Stampin' Up! products, commented on how they had never thought to use some of the products the way I had. Did I go to Splitcoaststampers....on and on and on. And they didn't buy a thing :( Ok so in my heart I knew they were like me, collecting idea for later. Which I am glad they liked my things and they probably will case me.

Then a bunch of people came to my table to see my girlfriend who makes wire wrapped jewelry (totally awesome stuff she make with beach glass, wire & beads). And she made rings while the customers waited. She had people waiting in line for these rings! So she was selling rings like crazy, I had sold a photo of my mom's (she is a great photographer who has never had a photo class in her life and doesn't think her photos are good enough to sell-yeah right people were drooling over her photos) and at this point I had only sold one peppermint patty snowman. Woopdie doo.

Well a little later in the day my stuff was selling like crazy too. Not much of the Christmas items went, but lots of Halloween items. And in the end I was happy and proud of the things I made and sold.

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