Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Snowflake Tealights

I saw this candle here first. And it said snowflake #2 in her directions. I thought for sure it was a sneak peak at the holiday mini that is coming out. I mean SU had a snowflake already and this "is #2" I thought. Well someone else made them as well (sorry I can't remember who it was) but they listed the catalog page number. OMG I felt sooo stupid for not realizing it was the snowflake I already had!

So out came the roof flashing from the hardware store and tadah! A tea light with some snowflake paper from the craft store and instant cute gift item for the craft fair.

I must admit I was obsessed with finding a container to put it in. And of course I just had a transparent box stuck in my head. So I looked at Sizzix online and the measurements for box #3 seemed like they might work but it would have to wait. I didn't want to order anything online.

Well, I got a coupon from JoAnn's for teacher appreciation day, get an extra 20% off your entire order even if things were on sale. Well guess what they had. Box #3 with several embossing folders all in a package! AND ALL SIZZIX ITEMS WERE ON SALE 40% OFF! Not only did I get that, I got paper that was on sale and misc small things, went to the checkout, showed my school ID and got another 20% off everything. I was as happy as a pig in mud let me tell you! I walked away with a recycle bag ( a free gift to school employees while supplies lasted) filled with goodies and only spend $34 and change. It was like Christmas to me.

So here is the packaged candle. If you click on the photo the embossing on the transparency may show better.
So I was busy for a day making 15 candle holders, wrapping the tea lights with paper. Then cutting and embossing all the parts (4 parts/box) for 15 boxes. I was tired after all that, but I sure had fun in my craft room with Harry Potter (a standard series of movies for me while I craft)

Happy Stampin'

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