Monday, August 9, 2010

Gifts For $1.00

Who doesn't love getting teacher gift ideas?  I always need them since  I work with a few dozen teachers!  Surprisingly, my creations for this swap did not include chocolate.  I know you are shocked right?!?!

The first swap items I made was an altered mini clipboard that hold mini post it notes. Teachers go through post it notes like there is no tomorrow.  During the group VC Rocks, we have virtual everything-even a hotel with pool boys.  So with the computer I printed a little check list that I put over the post it notes.  It says:

VC Rocks 2010 Check List
Snacks & Beverages
Pool Boy

The second item I made was a clear ruler that I decorated with designer paper.  These may be more of a hostess type gift or just for the teacher gift and hope the kids don't use it. The paper is cut the width of the ruler and glued on using crystal effects.

Happy Stampin"

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A Touch of SOL said...

Ok so I want these too where did you get the clipboard...