Monday, March 15, 2010

Tea Light Stamping

I have stamped on large round candles before using the technique of stamping on tissue paper first and then using the heat gun to melt the tissue paper into the candle.  This time I did it with tea lights.  This isn't an original idea at all, several people posted it to their blogs.  I stamped a circular design on tissue paper then punched it with my circle punch.  To make this easier, place your tissue paper over scrap card stock and punch them out together.  I used a 1/16 punch in the center to poke the wick thru.  I melted the tissue paper into the wax with my heat gun.  I measured the side of the metal holder, cut some decorative paper to cover the outside with.  Once I did the Christmas theme-I thought of Valentines Day etc.  Any design that is circular is shape could work.  I discovered darker colors work the best-dark green is very pretty.

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