Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Another Happy Day

I am excited once again.  I know it doesn't take much lately.

After the awful times we had starting in the middle of  January-going into February-it takes so little.  For those who dont know my husband had flipped his car over in a bad "northeaster" snowstorm.  He was only going 35mph, tried avoiding another driver, hit something in the road that flipped his car and he ended up in the snowbank-facing the opposite direction-on his roof .  I don't know which angel was with him that day(but I am glad they were with him)  he wasn't hurt at all!  Luckily, his moon roof was closed otherwise he would have been covered in glass.  the only part of him that was sore was his shoulder where he had to drop himself out of his seat when he was hanging upside down.  He was on his way to a business meeting, which he obviously did not make.  It has taken quite a bit of time for the insurance company to settle but finally that is all taken care of and we have a used Forester now.

A week later (to the day) it rained so much and melted all the snow we had our basement had almost two feet of water in the deepest part.  Luckily, our furnace is raised off the floor somewhat, and our basement floor slants.  The water was inches from hitting our furnace.  So to the hardware store we went to rent a portable sump pump.  Luckily, we were the first ones in line and got the strongest one.  A few hours later we were water free.  Then we just had the mess off all the boxes to clean or throw away.

The third week we did have something small and I cant remember what it was. A week ago my husband got poked with metal at work on his finger.  Eventually he had to go to the ER with blood poisoning. Now that all the bad things are done (knock on wood) it takes so little to make me happy.

As I posted earlier in the week I was able to order a huge roll of magnetic sheeting which I have made 34 BAB's and 34 pairs of jeans.  I have other clothing colors picked out I just haven't had time enough to cut them out.

Well tonight we had our taxes done yippeee and I am able to buy a new shelving unit for my craft room. For years I have been unmounting my rubber stamps and putting them into CD cases and I have them in boxes on a small bookcase.  Of course I have run out of room on the bookcase.  I am actually going to buy a large, revolving, 4 sided CD holder.  It says it can hold up to 1160 CDs.  Not that I have close to that many but I figured I would get something that could grow with me.

I also want to put my small selection of DVDs that I like to watch/listen too while crafting on there.  I am also hoping that my Sizzix dies can fit on the small shelves as well.  I am hoping this will help my storage situation-I am hoping for lots of storage on a small floor area.  Our house is 200+years old so my walls are short with slanted sides going to the ceiling.  Hanging things on the wall isn't an option for me.

Also, another thing that I am excited for is this Saturday is my monthly stamp club at my demo's house.  We always have a great time.  It is once a month that I get to see my BF.  We have been friends since we were 5 years old.  (Lets just say it is over 30 years we have been friends.) Even tho I have moved a few hours away- I still go back once a month to see the girls and have a fun night out together.  We all bring muchies, stamp, and take turns being the hostess.  What is more fun than that?!?!

Happy Stamping

PS After re-reading this,  I noticed I had lots of "luckily"s and "hopefully"s ...I am grateful that I could/can think of things as luckily and hopefully.  I truly think we are given things to us for a reason even if we don't know at the time what the reasons are.

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