Sunday, February 28, 2010

A Tree for Dianne

I know it is way past December and I am still showing Christmas items that I made. (I was born on time and running late ever since!)  I used the Stampin Up 3D pop up tree and the box was from Gretchen's blog. I made bought this die thinking it was totally awesome, on sale, and I knew who I would make a special present for-Dianne.

Dianne is an incredible artist in her own right.  She paints on canvas and glass.  Every year (for about 8-9 years now) she has hand painted the entire staff that she works with a glass ornament (about 80+ people in her building).  For the past 3 years I havent worked in her building-but I still get an ornament thru the interoffice mail. She knows I just love her work and I have a special part of my Christmas tree (the very top where children and animals can't reach) that is dedicated to just Dianne's creations.

Due to the fact that I lost my brakes on the way to work- I made it to my building and had to send her present interoffice mail.  I had to scrounge around for a box to put it in so it wouldn't get crushed by the mail person.  I had to cute a pretzel  box and tape it up.  Later in the day I received and email that started off with a great big "OMG!!!" at the top LOL.
This happens to be the ornament I received this year.  Most of Dianne's work is flowers of some type when she paints on glass.  I have roses, lupine, daisies etc.  Each one is signed and dated when she makes them.  They are just beautiful especially when twinkling lights reflect off them!

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Working On BAB Magnets

Well I have 34 BAB magnets made and they each have a pair of blue jeans.  Tops and skirts will have to wait. I am enjoying my time with this fun activity but it isn't something that is quickly finished-at least not 34 of everything. I have some really cute plaid paper for their skirts & shirts.  I will post as I complete more of their clothing.

Happy Stamping

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Black Memo Cube

Here is a photo of some black memo cubes that I stamped with snowflakes.  Unfortunately the photo is black on black-sorry about that.  I stamped the snowflakes on the cube with silver ink.  The bags are stamped with white Staz-on.  A simple white bow with a gel pen.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Now I Am Excited!

I was so disappointed last Friday when I didn't have the peel n stick magnetic sheets at my local craft store.  Well I went online over the weekend and ordered a huge roll of it. (I will have magnetic projects coming out my ears).  It has already shipped UPS and should be here by the end of the week!  So far this weekend I don't have any plans, I don't have to work and hopefully the children won't fight.  I would like to get 36 bears cut out and at least start on the clothes.  I can hardly wait.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

So Disappointed

I thought I got a great deal at AC Moore with my 40% off coupon.  A large roll of magnetic sheeting.  I was sad when I discovered it wasn't a peel 'n stick type.  I had an entire afternoon to work on magnetic Build A Bears.  I now have to wait for another shipment to come in :(  Hopefully it wont be too long and hopefully I will have time to work on them uninterrupted.

I guess I will have to work on the Build A Bear cards I wanted to make...

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Fur Babies (The Cats Anyways)

Here is JJ. I showed you pictures of our kitten when we got her about a year ago.  Now she is a full grown cat who is just full of the dickens.  She is a true cat in the fact she is just going to do what she wants!  Here she is trying to find a way on the table while I am standing there.

Our old cat, Lacey, doesnt get up unless it is too eat.  She has her own chair in my craft room-which is the room she has lived in most of her life.  When my son lived with us it was his room and he was her human.  Even though he has since grown up and moved out; that room is still hers. I am lucky she shares it with me.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Keeping Busy with Build A Bear

Here is what I spent a few hours working on today.  I ironed 34 bears onto bags today.  It is a project I am working on a little at a time. Over Christmas vacation I cut on all the bears from brown fleece scarves from the dollar store (with wonder under on them). I used small peices of a black scarf for the eyes, nose & mouth.  The heart is red felt.  Today, as I said, I ironed on the bears on to 6 different colored bags (also from the dollar store) while watching Twilight.  I am sure I must have been a sight to see.  I brought my iron & ironing board up to my craft room.  Placed it infront of my laptop which played Twilight (cant wait for New Moon to be released on DVD) and sat in my chair ironing away for quite awhile.  I have the skinny tins from SU to create magnetic bears. I also plan on making "coloring books" with BAB stamps.  I have small boxes of crayons from Oriental Trading.  Hopefully, these will be big hits at the craft fairs.

My sweet DD who just turned 5 this past week has been with Grammie.  In that time, around working, I have managed to clean & reorganize my craftroom. I moved things around so hopefully it will be more user friendly. I cleaned everything including baseboards and floors that I washed on my hands and knees.

DH has helped me get the programs on my laptop needed to blog and networking to the internet etc and a bunch of stuff I am not techy enough to know what he was talking about.  I have photos from before Christmas off the camera and got them cropped to start posting again.  I still have a few items that I have made with my stamping group that I need to photograph as well.  I need to round them up first LOL.  Until then....

Happy Stamping