Monday, October 12, 2009

Trick or Treat or Should I Say " Drat that Demonstrator!!"

Isn't he just the cutest? I'm not sure if my demonstrator was giving me a treat or a trick! My mantra was I don't need the bears for my DD, I dont need the bears for my DD, I dont need the bears for my DD. Guess what is now on my wish list.

My demo also had a metal sheet framed with magnetic BABs in different outfits. Basically--- paperdolls. Drat that demo! I talked to the Grammie that is a stamper as well and we may go in on it together for Christmas. I will have to ask the other Grammie is she will buy some paper and the magnetic sheets. I guess it has been a good thing that the company I work for doing banquets has been busy-of course I havent saved a dime LOL!

Today is Columbus Day and DD is at daycare & I have the day off. I figure if I have to pay for it if she goes or not; she can go. Not only have I caught up on laundry but I installed my keyboard shelf to the bottom of my desk giving me a few more inches of work space. Then I worked on making my "punch book" which I have been wanting to do since this summer when Shelly Hopps
taught me her one of her many ideas. I also want to have an inventory since there are so many punch projects out there. Heather and Ellen are great sources for punch ideas along with so many others. A girl has to get the most from her punches!

Happy Stamping

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