Monday, August 31, 2009


I didnt really know what to title this entry; so I picked firsts. Many firsts this week.

My first vacation ever with my husband in the 10 years we have been married (we didnt even go away when we married-just eloped and went to work after two days) DH had a business meeting in the middle of his vacation, so his boss was nice enough to to get DH a separate room and I got to go too. Not that I haven't been to Massachusetts before...but it was nice having someone else pay the bill!

The first day of school was today. Not that is a big deal...but a major first happened lastnight. DD decided to give herself and the cat a haircut. The cat wasn't hurt at all (you can breath now Wanda!) why the cat didn't run away I don't know. But I found cat hair and long blond hair under the cats chair!!! DD cut a chunk right out of the middle of her bangs and big chunks off around her ears, and she left most of the length in the back. Until lastnight it has been all one length down to her shoulder blades. I was heart broken since she had taken after my side of the family-we all have peach fuzz until we are two. So unfortunately we had to wait until after the first day of school to get to the hair dressers-who did a great job blending my DD hair in as much as she could. And it is now a short bob hairdo (ear length). Hopefully by next summer it will be long enough for ponytails and braids again.

Someone I work with told me to take photos before and after to scrapbook. I didn't think I had the heart (it was all I could do not to cry every time I looked at her). I forgot until we were at the hairdressers so the "befores" are only on my cell phone. Now that her haircut is cute (for the most part) I can see the funny in it....Boys were easier in that aspect-nobody says anything when a boy has a crew cut. But that is a different story all together.

The only stamping I have done lately is a set of cards that made from a one sheet wonder. I will try to post later this week. I need to get into the routine of work and exercise again.

Until then Happy Stamping!

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