Thursday, January 31, 2013

New Family Member

A couple weeks before Christmas, my daughter received an early Christmas present.  Here is Auzzie, the newest member of our family.  My daughter absolutely LOVES him.  She hardly ever lets him walk by himself!  Has anyone ever seen/hear Bill Engvall's skit about his daughter and their weiner dog? "Just kill me Bill! I'm wearing Barbie Jeans!"  That's how we feel about this poor dog...we have to tell our daughter "put the dog down and let him walk!"

It's also fun to watch Auzzie with our two cats Spaz (12lb Maine Coon) and JJ (10lb Siamese mix).  Auzzie is a Toy Rat Terrier.  When he is full grown he will weigh between 5 and 6 pounds.  I have yet to decide what is funnier, this mini puppy chasing the cats or when the cats are fed up and chase him.

He is different from owning a grayhound in several ways.  One is his size.  With our greyhound, we had to get an extra large dog kennel.  Auzzie's "dog kennel" is really a cat carry LOL.  Our greyhound ate 6 cups of food a day, this one eats half a cup plus a little cat food too.
He was given the tiniest Milk Bones I have ever seen.  I actually had to look for them-even though come to find out Milk Bone Minis are sold at Walmart. 

Come to find out, Auzzie's birthday is two days after my daughters.  She wants to have a party for both of them.  What do you get a one year old dog & 8 year old girl? Maybe Scooby Snack crackers? I am sure she will give me a wish list a mile long for both of them.  

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