Friday, October 12, 2012

Brrr Baby It's Cold Outside!

Unfortunately I haven't had much time for stamping.  We are trying to winterize our new home.  It has been cold in the mountains of Maine since the end of September.  Not that we are that far into October.  There has been a weather warning for this weekend for ALL of Maine and New Hampshire.  It is supposed to be down to or below freezing!  Holy Smokes Batman! 

Already I have put plastic on the smaller windows by myself, and it will mean help from my dear husband to put plastic on the larger windows.  I actually have to go back to the store for some more plastic (which I knew I would).   And it has been cold enough to turn the heat on for a few minutes in the morning.  I really hope this isn't a sign of how the winter is going to be.

Ya know my favorite Aunt has come to visit us from Florida.  Couldn't she have brought some warmth and sunshine?  Well come to think of it--it has stopped raining after a week.

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