Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Monster Munchies

Monster Munchies Clear-Mount Stamp Set 
Have you seen this set in the Holiday catalog?  As soon as I saw it, I knew I wanted it for my daughter and my best friend.  Both are in second grade.  My friend is the teacher-not a student.  The second grade class hosts a Halloween party every year.  It never has junk food, It's all healthy food with gross names.  They have things like Swamp Soup (a green vegetable soup).  As soon as I saw the stamp that says "Spider Cider"  I knew I wanted that for apple juice boxes.  I made some very basic ones to show my friend.  (I made them very basic because second graders do not appreciate the fact you took time to cover their little juice boxes.)  A second choice is using the top note die as a bag topper.

Hi Stampers.  School has started and it is getting cooler out.  It is only part way through September and I am just getting ready for Halloween .

I do have  family members who do appreciate home made items. Grandparents!  Grandparents love home made items. No, I won't be giving the grandparents prune juice boxes!  My daughter has pretty young and hip grandparents.  My father in law is a celiac-which means he cannot have anything with gluten (wheat products).  This limits his diet quite a bit.  Not only does it mean he cannot have bread, most cereals etc.  It limits his adult beverages too.  Recently we have found a hard cider that is gluten free and he loves it.  Yep CIDER.  He is getting ADULT SPIDER CIDER as a gift this Halloween.
It isn't only the children who can enjoy Halloween parties/events.

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