Monday, July 2, 2012

A Reason To Smile.

Who needs "A Reason to Smile"?  Everyone does of course.  Look at this adorable stamp set that is a LIMITED EDITION SET FOR JULY ONLY!   I hate to shout but this is an awesome stamp set that is only $5 with a $50 purchase.  Yes, I said FIVE BUCKS!  It doesn't matter if it is clear or wood mount.

My man in brown came really early today.He must have known my special stamp set was in that box! Ok, so probably there were not many packages on his truck since he was here at 10:30 am instead of 3:30 pm; but a girl can have her fantasies can't she?

I am running around like crazy today, despite this terrible headache so I can play tomorrow and have some samples to show you.  Also, I have some more of the new firm stamp pads.  I just love those too!  I can't wait to replace all my stamp pads.  Believe it or not I still have some of the old type that have the lift covers that need rubber bands to keep them closed.

Anyhow, contact me or go online to get your $5 stamp set. And I will have some card samples for you later this week.

Until then,

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