Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Paper Camp and Freezer Snowballs

What a title huh?  I am sure everyone is asking "what the heck?"  They are a couple photos I wanted to share with you.  The first one has to do with paper crafts.  I am working with the rec dept.  this week.  My dear friend and I are teaching 8 girls about different paper art.  Today we used the Big Shot and the Stocking Die from Stampin Up.  I am not sure where all these ideas came from orginally, they were on the web last year.  We made a roller skate card, a witches' boot gift holder, and a Christmas stocking. The plan had been for an elf boot box-but since we were running out of time-it became a basic Christmas stocking, and they had their choice to make it into two tags, or a gift holder like the witches' boot.

Well, let me tell you, some of these young girls were so creative I am going to be casing their ideas!  See how adorable they are.  They started coloring the embossed designs with their markers (to think I only use shimmer paint on mine). This is the work of five of the eight girls that have joined the group.  You may even recognize a few Build A Bears in there.  I had plenty of those left over from last years bay festival.  Anyone who finished early or was waiting for their mom, got to make a bear.  These girls were so creative, a photographer from the local paper stopped by as well. 

I can hardly wait to see what they will do tomorrow with cupcake stamps, stampin around wheels and gift bags! 

The next photo is just my daughter and I have fun.  Which isn't too bad considering we (I) was defrosting our freezer chest.  She thought it was fun to pull the frost off the sides of the chest.  I didn't think it was bad, but I wouldn't call it fun.  We placed all the pieces of frost into a bowl.  I had planned on tossing out the front door.  My daughter wasn't having any part of that.  She wanted to play in it.  She ended up making snowballs!  Yep, only at my house we would have snowballs in July!

My daughter ended up with enough frost to make two or three snowballs.  Of course you HAVE to throw a snowball.  Amazingly, I actually got a picture of it with my cell phone!

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