Saturday, February 11, 2012

Is It A Valentine or A Birthday Card

Well, it's both actually.  I had originally made this card for January stamp club.  However, my daughter loved it and wanted one for her birthday.  Her birthday is within a couple days of Valentine's Day so it worked out well.

For a 7 year old Diva, she didn't want much.  Breakfast in bed and a homemade card.  She got the card and we went to the diner down the street for breakfast this morning.  That part was a present to me, I didn't have to cook or do dishes.  Moms are so sneaky that way.

It's snowing today (not nearly as bad as the day she was born) but we still decided to stay home and we promised her we would go to Build a Bear later in the week.  Until then she can use my big shot and make paper Build A Bears.

Saturday, February 4, 2012

FREE My Digital Studio-Training

Did you take advantage of the FREE My Digital Studio yet?  Awesome isn't it?!?!  Well, I wanted to share some more information with you. 

Stampin Up never leaves you with products that once you get them home, you won't remember how to use them.  Not only do you have your demonstrator (that's me!) to ask how something works.  Stampin Up also has online videos that you can watch.  That way when you are scrapbooking or card making in the middle of the night, you won't have to wait for me to drag my butt outta bed in the morning LOL.  Check out the videos Stampin Up has for MDS right here. There is something for every level of getting to know your My Digital Studio program.  So don't be afraid to try it.  I promise you will be able to use it. 

Give it a try for the 30 days and see what you come up with. I'd love it if you emailed me to show me what you came up with.   I am always looking for inspiration after all.

Until next time,

Wednesday, February 1, 2012


 Oh my goodness.  There is my favorite word again- FREE!! This time it is for the awesome My Digital Studio program from Stampin Up.  I really need to use this program more often.  It really is easy, even I can use it and make scrapbook pages look very nice. See...I have made scrapbook pages on everything to my new shoes, to my mother's garden, my children and even cards.

You can download this free 30 day trial version here (item 129600) and try it for yourself.  How many holiday photos do you need scrapbook?  This program will make it go so much quicker.  And if you family is like mine, you have the holidays and birthdays back to back.  That's a TON of photos!
Once you download My Digital Studio and fall in love with it; you can download the full version or purchase the disc. You can print your projects yourself or use Stampin Ups printing service.  Tell your friends today what a great deal this is.  This is the type of special you just can't keep to yourself!

Until next time

Valentine's For Grown Ups!

What do you do when you are running out of time for ideas for the monthly stamp club?  You CASE of course (copy and steal everything or copy and share everything-depending on how you look at it).  Once again I went to the world wide web.  Here is the most sophisticated lollipop holder I have ever seen.  This is certainly not the lollipop holder you send your elementary student to school with.  Well, at least not at my house.

I thought that is a Valentine with style.  Oh no, I didn't have heart lollipops.  But wait, as usual I did have some secret chocolate hidden from the kids.  I know, you are completely in shock from that statement aren't you.  Since my club ladies are family, friends and close coworkers I was willing to share with them.  All of them are over 15 so they can appreciate Good Chocolate.

Once again, the Big Shot came in super handy.  One scallop envelope in River Rock, a small piece of Paisley Petals dsp, Cherry Cobbler punched with the Fancy Flower punch, a Bitty Button with hemp twine and retired ribbon.  Of course if I had thought of this project myself with these colors I would have ordered the Old Olive satin ribbon.  Oh well.  Besides, I had chocolate, so the ladies forgave me for not having a current ribbon color.  Thank you Ladies.

Hmmm, I hope my husband doesn't get jealous that he got a basic simple card and the ladies got a "Valentine's For Grown Ups".

Until next time,