Saturday, November 19, 2011

Catching Up

Or at least I am trying to.  Every week I count down how many weeks of human biology I have.  (I am down to just four more weeks of crying) Of course we only have Thanksgiving and preparing for two stamp activities within that time frame.

Here is a Halloween project I did for my club members.  I took the idea of the little treat purses I posted earlier this summer and did them again with Frightful Sights DSP. 

Aren't they the cutest little things?

My cat sleeping on my homework

Today I had I biology lab exam so of course I was studying last night.  I can get distracted by the simplest things but I got through it (and I think I did fairly well-thanks for asking).  But this is what happened when I put my book down last night.  Apparently, I am not the only one who can find biology tiresome.

I am editing some photos from the last couple of stamp clubs I have had and I will try to get them posted as soon as possible.  Between now and then if you hear sobbing, you will know it is me studying for my finals.

Until next time,

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