Monday, August 22, 2011

Home From New Hampshire

My daughter and I were guests of my dear friends who took us to North Conway, NH.  We went to North Conway,  NH for the weekend.  Thank you for such a wonderful weekend you guys!

We visited such places as Story Land. I don't know how may miles we walked there but I think we went on every ride and stopped at every attraction.  I am not sure who had more fun, the two children or the three adults???  At one point, an older gentleman that ran one of the rides asked me and my best friend "Which of you two is Lucy and which is Ethel?"  I think it depends on the day.  My daughter said her favorite part of the day was meeting Cinderella, since Cinderella is her favorite princess; and the face painting.

We also went to Attatsh Mountain and went on the Alpine Slide. Basically, the Alpine Slide is taking a ski lift to the top of the mountain and riding a plastic slide on a mile long track that winds down the mountain side. 

Of course on the way home, we had to stop at Ben and Jerry's for lunch on the last day there!  They make one mean "chocolate addicts" milkshake!

Now I am waiting for Ethel to email Lucy some of the photos from this weekend so I can start scrapbooking!

Until next time,

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