Wednesday, August 10, 2011


"Anticipation, anticipation, it's making me wait..."  Ok quoting commercials from the late 70's that used Carly Simon's songs are really showing how old I am getting.  I feel tortured like those little kids waiting for the ketchup to come out of the bottle.  I keep going online to check to see if my preorder for the Holiday Mini catalog. 

Christmas cards are my all time favorite to make.  I have sooo many snowflakes it isn't funny (just don't tell my husband LOL)  This year Stampin Up has out done themselves.  Believe it or not-I didn't preorder a single snowflake!  Of course I ordered every stinkin cute Christmas stocking they have!  Plus the new tools.  Someone should call the UPS company and warn our delivery person-he may get mauled at the door.  Hmmm....he used to stop at the door and wait for me to answer it; now he barely knocks, drops the package and he is back in his truck by the time I get to the door.  This behavior started once packages from Stampin' Up started to arrive.  Maybe somebody did call and warn him.  The substitute drives always wait....

Anyhow, once that special brown box arrives, my family are on their own.  I will be lost in my craft room cutting, scoring, stamping, punching, and die cutting.  I will be working on projects for a Holiday Open House.  I might even get some cute autumn,  Halloween, and Thanksgiving ideas in there too.

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