Saturday, July 30, 2011

My "My Digital Studio" Class with Ellen Kemper/Bay Festival

Once again I have taken an online class with VC Rocks.  I have taken two classes using My Digital Studio with Ellen Kemper.  Her basic class had covered items I didn't know about....(big surprise there).

Then she had a second class and this time I wrote things down!!! Immediately I went to play since half the time, when I read my notes later, I don't remember what the heck they mean.  So here is what I played with.

Nothing overly fancy, but I used the alignment keys, punch options and filling them with photos. etc.  In the middle of practicing my daughter came along and wanted to know why I wasn't using a photo of her.  So of course I changed the photo I was using, then the paper I was using, blah, blah, blah.  Anything to keep her from talking when I am trying to concentrate.  (Too bad DHS frowns upon duct tape--just kidding-but I swear the only time she is quiet is when she is sleeping!)

If you come to the Bucksport Bay Festival today, I's sure she'll talk your ear off.  I will be just to the side of the Fort Knox Park Inn-the right hand side if you are standing on Main St. facing the hotel.

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