Sunday, July 31, 2011

It Must Have Been The Heat At The Festival

All went well at the Bucksport Bay Festival.  One of the things I forgot to do, however, was take photos!!  It must have been the heat....Ok, I just plain forgot.  It was a crazy day.  When we first went down to set things up, it was raining out.  Later in the day it was so hot! I don't know how people were walking around in the sun.  I heard the tours on the ship were extremely hot too.  I am not sure I would stand in line for 30 minutes in the heat to walk on an even hotter ship.

I got to see lots of kids at my booth.  One little girl was extremely creative.  She wanted her bear to be a hobo bear.  She tore the pants and shirt.  Then the used the torn part of the shirt to make patches on the pants.  She did not put any shoes on him "because homeless bears don't have shoes". Hahaha she was priceless. Her mother was a wonderful lady who scrapbooks.  The mom  has scrapbooks of all three girls and is only a few months behind of their lives. (I know I can't believe it either-I only have a few pages of each kid done)  The mom told me how her mother had died when she was very little, so she has scrapped every part of her own daughters' lives to show them how much they are loved in case anything ever happened to her.  I almost started crying when she was telling me the story.

Besides the heat, everything was wonderful.  I got to meet some new people and catch up with others that I had not seen for while.

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