Thursday, June 23, 2011

Want to Know How to Get Free Stuff?

Who doesn't love free stamp sets, papercrafting supplies, and tools?!  Stampin! Up! is very generous with free merchandise through the Hostess Benefits program.  And the benfits are getting even better in the new catalog!
Free Merchandise When You Host a Stampin' Up! Workshop! In the past, when you and your workshop guests put in an order toaling $150 or more, you could choose one or more Hostess Sets PLUS youwould receive $15 or more worth of free merchandise.  the Hostess Sets you could choose from, as well as the amount of free merchandise you earned, was based on the size of your order.
Stampin' Up! is starting a new system of Hostess Benefits in the catalog being released in July.  There will still be Hostess Sets that are only available to customers with qualifying orders, and you will still be able to choose any item in the catalog for your free merchandise.  But now you will earn "Hostess Dollars" that you can use to buy Hostess Sets and/or any merchandise in the catalog.
Free Merchandise from Stampin' Up! Hostess Sets can only be bought with Hostess Dollars, and you can purchase ANY Hostess Set--there are no longer different sets available to you based on the size of your order.  The price of these sets is much lower than comparable sets in the rest of the catalog, so you get great value for the Hostess Dollars you earn.
What if you don't want any of the Hostess Sets?  No problem, you can spend all of your Hostess Dollars on any other catalog merchandise your little heart desires--stamp sets, supplies, tools, whatever you want!
What if you don't want to do a workshop?  You can still earn Hostess Benefits by putting in a qualifying order by yourself.  You can even gather orders from friends to help raise the number of Hostess Dollars you earn.
Big Shot Now for the best part:  When you put in an order of $400 or more you will be able to purchase one of more items (depending on the order total) in the catalog for 50% off!  So if you have been wondering how you could manage to get a Big Shot or other high ticket item, here's your chance--just put an order together through a workshop or gathering orders from frineds, and get a Big Shot for $49.98 instead of $99.95!
I am really excited about this new system of Hostess Benefits.  I think you will be, too.  If you have any questions about the benefits, be sure to email me at  Then start planning to host a workshop!  I will be happy to help you earn as much free merchandise as you can stand to receive!!  Email or call me at 207-659-0412 to schedule your workshop today!
If you don't have a catalog yet I'll be happy to send you one--just contact me. 

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