Tuesday, January 18, 2011

First Stamp Club

Here is the first card that was made for my first stamp club as a brand new Stampin' Up! demonstrator. Knowing I had one lady who had never stamped before; I worked at keeping my designs simple (not that I get overly complex to begin with). But I didn't want her to feel overwhelmed or that she needed to buy everything all at once.

I remember taking a challenge once a long time ago that was a "basic challenge". If I remember correctly, only two colors of cardstock could be used including black or white,one stamp pad and one stamp set. I happen to love black and white. Almost all my dress pants are black and I have many white shirts of different styles. So keeping all these things in mind-here is what I came up with.

As I was demoing (is that a real word?) this card-I showed how we could stop at just the black and white paper and it would be a very pretty card with simple elegance. Then I went to explain we were going to dress it up just a little bit with a few simple items. A basic black ribbon and a few rhinestones on the flowers.

It was a great first club and first demonstration. All the ladies in the group are very dear friends or coworkers. I was nervous before people arrived but once everyone was there and I started teaching, all the nervousness went away. They all seemed to have a good time too.

Since this was our first club meeting, the ladies drew numbers to see who would be the hostess. My coworker (the one who had never stamped before) pulled out the number one. She got to be the very first hostess and earn all the free goodies. Everyone was very excited for her. Hopefully, we will have just as much fun next month.

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