Monday, December 27, 2010

Vacation & Cleaning

So school vacation is here once again. And I am spending it cleaning my craftroom once again. I am trying to reorganize it for being a real SU demo. I have been busy cleaning all my left overs from the craft fairs I have done this year. *Note to self-just send a large basket to work with my Mom. She sold more for me than I did at most of the craft fairs put together. She is such a great sales lady. I have organized all my craft fair items into things that can be saved for next fall, general displays, things that I want to have on clearance sale this spring.

I have separated my retired/current products. Boy do I need current paper! I have placed my first real business order. I did place an order when they had free shipping-was I smart business woman and order things like adhesives and basic supplies for my club members to use. No! I just went crazy buying myself Christmas presents "from my hubby".

Did you notice I said club members???? Already I have 6 friends/co-workers who are willing to join a monthly club! Yippee for me! I have January and February club ideas all sketched out in my notebook. And supplies for January's club all ordered.

I am really looking forward to having club with such a great group of ladies. I think they will really challenge my stamping. I have one lady who has been stamping longer than me (and I fell in love with stamping 10 years ago), and one who has never stamped at all. So I am working to make things simple enough for a new mom who doesn't have much time and have some things complex enough for the experienced stampers.

Also, in the craft fair dept., I am participating in a spring time craft fair. So I have been trying to come up with ideas that aren't Christmas/winter related. (Which isn't easy when there is a blizzard here.) And my friend/coworker is helping the young man who does our school craft fair prepare for next year.

Years ago, our school craft fair was huge! It has been slowly dwindling the past few years (no fault of the young man in charge of it now). But my friend wants to try to get it back to what it used to be. She has volunteered to help out. While we were chit-chatting at work we brained stormed several ideas-so I think I may be part of this new committee of 3. :)

As I said, we are in the middle (hopefully nearing the end) of a blizzard here. Yesterday I spent the best day ever with my daughter. We stayed, not only in our pj's, but in bed as well, crafting. We took out the little "breakfast in bed tables". She colored and made bracelets & necklaces with all her Christmas presents. I took out my big shot and cut enough squares for several rag bags and coffee cozies. I was hoping to get to sew today but with laundry and teenagers-it didn't happen. Tomorrow if it is not snowing, I plan on doing clearance shopping since I have a two children with winter birthdays.

Until next time.

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