Saturday, September 11, 2010

Photography Class

I have decided I am going to learn to use the camera we bought when my daughter was born. She is almost 6. The only button I know how to use is the auto focus. I found an online class here. I think I am nuts on some level to take on one more thing at the moment. I mean isn't a new job with lots of training and paperwork enough? Apparently not.

What I liked about this website is that not only are there daily emails, and assignments; but I can access my account online any time I want-even after the class is over. Also, it has little videos to watch (I am a visual and hands on learner so this is great). And another thing I like, there are audio files to go with the class and you can listen to them on an ipod. I am an audio book junkie so this is another cool little feature.

I may not get to craft much now that school has started but with any luck, occasionally I will get to post crafts or photos.

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