Saturday, August 7, 2010

Who Wants Maine Lobsters?

Ok so they are not caught right of the coast...but I think they are stinkin cute!  And forgive the artistic impression...we all know (or Mainer's do) that lobsters are black with speckles when they are fresh and red once they cook.  My husband thought they didn't look like lobsters because "Lobster eyes don't bug out like that".  However, when I was making them he said they were cute (just goes to show men never listen)

I made seven of these little guys (I had to keep one for my own punch book).  What was I thinking? That is a lot of punching.  It took me two nights to punch and assemble.  I am hoping people in the VC Rocks Punch Swap enjoyed them. 

I took a punch art class with Heather and this was one of the great projects she did.  I just never got "around to it" so I made myself join this great swap and I had 5 punch pages for my book when I was done.

Happy Stampin' or punching in this case

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