Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Rag Bags and Quillows

I told you I have been working on a quillow (a small quilt that folds up into a pillow) and rag bags.  I have  photos today.  The quillow was my first sewing project in 8 years.  And the last project I made was a Winny the Pooh quillow for my friend who was pregnant at the time.

So here is my daughter being ever so helpful!  She wouldn't smile nicely and finally she let me take this photo with her face covered.  The quillow is folded in half so you can see the material.  One side is sparkly, swirly purple.  The other has ballerina's all over it.  She has had one year of ballet.  I would like to take her to a different school soon since she can walk on her toes without pointe ballet shoes.  The tops of her toes have calluses from walking on her toes like that so much.

So here is her little ballerina rag bag that Marisol taught us how to make online.  I think I may make one with more layers, at some point in time, so it will be a tote bag to hold all her dance clothes.  The closure is actually a pink castle but my daughter liked it and it matched in pink dresses the little girls are wearing.

Here is the other side of the rag bag with a matching shabby chic pin.  I can't believe most of the pieces of the big and everything on the pin were made with my Big Shot!  It just amazes me all the things people have made using Sizzix dies.  And I am even more amazed most of these people are willing to share how to make these awesome projects.

Finally, here is a close up of the pin.
Happy Stampin'


Carolyn Sharkas said...

These are gorgeous, Stace, thanks for sharing. I missed Marisol's class, but I am gonna have to try these, if I can get someone else to sew them, lol.


Deborah said...

Stace, your rag bag turned out amazing! Great choice on material.