Friday, August 27, 2010

New Cat Design

Here is my new cat design. Do you like it? I have had this image from a personalized address stamp. It reminds me of my cats so much; especially Marky who we have not had for many years. He was our cat that could get lost in the basement that only has one staircase and not much down there because it gets very wet in the spring.

I had the same image made into a stamp that says handmade by Stace and copyright Stampin' Up! so I can sell my creations. Then I have spent more time than I care to admit to get him onto a background that matches my blog, with text that also matches. Then I had to ask for help to get all the little links to hopefully everything works well and I will never be able to change my background again! LOL

1 comment:

Terri said...

Stace, looks great, but if you are anything like me you will eventually get bored & have to change your blog look. I had my website for almost 5 years & changed it several times during that time.