Monday, August 30, 2010

More Flower Pins

Well, of course, my daughter had to have her own material to make her own flower pins. She picked out her own material and I helped a little bit on the last color so she would have 4 colors that sort of went together.

Once they were done she wanted them glued onto a headband that she had. I hate to tell her the headband didn't really match the flower's patterns. Yes, it did have pink in it but that was about the only color the same and it was striped. So, I decided if it made her happy to have them on the headband she wants; I would make them into pins like I had the other one and just pin it to the headband of her choice. Of course if there was a little more material, I could make two more and just glue them all around the headband and no one would see the color of the headband LOL.

I always try to have two different projects in mind that I can make before I buy one of the extra large dies from Stampin' Up! And with wonderful Yahoo groups, people are helping my addiction. Which is fine by me. September's order will have another XL die. Then I will have to show you those creations. Stay tuned.

Happy Stampin"

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