Monday, August 30, 2010

More Flower Pins

Well, of course, my daughter had to have her own material to make her own flower pins. She picked out her own material and I helped a little bit on the last color so she would have 4 colors that sort of went together.

Once they were done she wanted them glued onto a headband that she had. I hate to tell her the headband didn't really match the flower's patterns. Yes, it did have pink in it but that was about the only color the same and it was striped. So, I decided if it made her happy to have them on the headband she wants; I would make them into pins like I had the other one and just pin it to the headband of her choice. Of course if there was a little more material, I could make two more and just glue them all around the headband and no one would see the color of the headband LOL.

I always try to have two different projects in mind that I can make before I buy one of the extra large dies from Stampin' Up! And with wonderful Yahoo groups, people are helping my addiction. Which is fine by me. September's order will have another XL die. Then I will have to show you those creations. Stay tuned.

Happy Stampin"

Friday, August 27, 2010

New Cat Design

Here is my new cat design. Do you like it? I have had this image from a personalized address stamp. It reminds me of my cats so much; especially Marky who we have not had for many years. He was our cat that could get lost in the basement that only has one staircase and not much down there because it gets very wet in the spring.

I had the same image made into a stamp that says handmade by Stace and copyright Stampin' Up! so I can sell my creations. Then I have spent more time than I care to admit to get him onto a background that matches my blog, with text that also matches. Then I had to ask for help to get all the little links to hopefully everything works well and I will never be able to change my background again! LOL

Cupcakes or Candles

Never leave candles burning unattended*
Have you ever seen something and said "I HAVE TO HAVE THAT!"  Well that's what I said when I saw this.  And it is becoming more and more common with the Big Shot and all the SU dies.  I see the cutest things made and then I have to have it. 

So, the metal part of the candle holder is cut with the Perfect Setting die. I bought a large roll of aluminum that is copper coated.  I used the cupcake holder part of the die and once the holders were cut; I embossed them with a Sizzix folder I got at the craft store. (I don't remember the name of it.  (I need to start writing the name on them before I throw the packaging away.) Once embossed, I used some extra fine sandpaper and sanded off the copper coating.  I warn you, this can get a little messy, so you may want a damp paper towel near you to clean as you go.

The glass votive was from Dollar Tree. One of my all time favorite stores for craft projects.

I plan on selling these at our school craft fair as well.  You will be seeing many projects soon of what I am doing.  Hopefully, people will like my creations as much as I do.   For this photo I have one of those battery operated tea lights. I think they are just great for when kids are around.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

August VC Rocks Swaps

I joined two swaps in August during the last bit of VC Rocks. My favorite holiday to make things for is Christmas and I love when I worked in the elementary school because the young children love Halloween. So guess what two swaps I joined? You guessed it!

The tricky part of these swaps was the fact so many colors from Stampin' Up retired, it was hard to find enough card stock in current colors that I had. I only see my demo once a month since we live so far from each other. (But stamp club is a great excuse to go see old friends where we used to live.)

Not only will a receive great swaps in return, but my Christmas card was the first one the hostess received so I got $20 of FREE Stampin Up product!!!! I couldn't believe it. So I am getting the new dress for the BAB! I will be having a ball with that!

Happy Stampin

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Snowflake Tealights

I saw this candle here first. And it said snowflake #2 in her directions. I thought for sure it was a sneak peak at the holiday mini that is coming out. I mean SU had a snowflake already and this "is #2" I thought. Well someone else made them as well (sorry I can't remember who it was) but they listed the catalog page number. OMG I felt sooo stupid for not realizing it was the snowflake I already had!

So out came the roof flashing from the hardware store and tadah! A tea light with some snowflake paper from the craft store and instant cute gift item for the craft fair.

I must admit I was obsessed with finding a container to put it in. And of course I just had a transparent box stuck in my head. So I looked at Sizzix online and the measurements for box #3 seemed like they might work but it would have to wait. I didn't want to order anything online.

Well, I got a coupon from JoAnn's for teacher appreciation day, get an extra 20% off your entire order even if things were on sale. Well guess what they had. Box #3 with several embossing folders all in a package! AND ALL SIZZIX ITEMS WERE ON SALE 40% OFF! Not only did I get that, I got paper that was on sale and misc small things, went to the checkout, showed my school ID and got another 20% off everything. I was as happy as a pig in mud let me tell you! I walked away with a recycle bag ( a free gift to school employees while supplies lasted) filled with goodies and only spend $34 and change. It was like Christmas to me.

So here is the packaged candle. If you click on the photo the embossing on the transparency may show better.
So I was busy for a day making 15 candle holders, wrapping the tea lights with paper. Then cutting and embossing all the parts (4 parts/box) for 15 boxes. I was tired after all that, but I sure had fun in my craft room with Harry Potter (a standard series of movies for me while I craft)

Happy Stampin'

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Rag Bags and Quillows

I told you I have been working on a quillow (a small quilt that folds up into a pillow) and rag bags.  I have  photos today.  The quillow was my first sewing project in 8 years.  And the last project I made was a Winny the Pooh quillow for my friend who was pregnant at the time.

So here is my daughter being ever so helpful!  She wouldn't smile nicely and finally she let me take this photo with her face covered.  The quillow is folded in half so you can see the material.  One side is sparkly, swirly purple.  The other has ballerina's all over it.  She has had one year of ballet.  I would like to take her to a different school soon since she can walk on her toes without pointe ballet shoes.  The tops of her toes have calluses from walking on her toes like that so much.

So here is her little ballerina rag bag that Marisol taught us how to make online.  I think I may make one with more layers, at some point in time, so it will be a tote bag to hold all her dance clothes.  The closure is actually a pink castle but my daughter liked it and it matched in pink dresses the little girls are wearing.

Here is the other side of the rag bag with a matching shabby chic pin.  I can't believe most of the pieces of the big and everything on the pin were made with my Big Shot!  It just amazes me all the things people have made using Sizzix dies.  And I am even more amazed most of these people are willing to share how to make these awesome projects.

Finally, here is a close up of the pin.
Happy Stampin'

Monday, August 23, 2010

Rag Bags by Marisol

Marisol, who I met on VC Rocks this year, she jumped in like a real trooper. Not only did she chat & join swaps, she taught a few classes.  Here is one example of her work that she taught us. Well, she was so inspiring I dug out my sewing machine after 8 years of it being in a hallway closet.

I have made a quillow this week for my daughter.  And now I am working on cutting the pieces for a matching bag.  Along with the material for some bags to make as gifts.  So today I don't have any photos to share.  I did cut over 200 squares to make bags.  Hopefully tomorrow the sewing will begin.  I am hoping to get at least two finished this week.

I hope to see Marisol next year on VC Rocks,  she has inspired so many women on there (and even made some of us work on our Spanish!)

Happy Stampin'

Friday, August 20, 2010

Hoo Is Going to Miss VC_Rocks?

I'm glad you joined me after visiting Nancy. Or if you are joining our hop with me, you can start at

So,  Hoo is going to miss VC ROCKS! Frankly, ALL of the members-that's "hoo". And this weekend is our final bloghop for 2010. Our group only has a few more weeks and then it will be closed until next year. Many of us will have email withdrawals.

Too bad I didn't know how to videos, the little owl is mounted on a penny and he swivels back and forth (that's why his eyes are like that LOL)

The owl is punched in Soft Suede and Peach Parfait DSP. The large scallop was cut & embossed with the Big Shot. His branches are from the bird punch. And he is wearing his heart on his sleeve (or should I say vest) with a little rhinestone bling. The background is the new Pear Pizazz which I think is just gorgeous! And it is all wrapped up with Peach Parfait ribbon.

The verse is from Word Play. And to everyone on VC Rocks, "You're in my thoughts, You're in my heart!"

Now you can continue on to visit Veronica and all her great creations.

Happy Stampin'

Thursday, August 19, 2010

First Flower Pin

Still keeping with my Big Shot theme that seems to be going on, I have finally made a flower pin.  I used some patterned Christmas material.  I think I may get a little bit of black netting to put in here and there just to give it a little more pizazz.I used a retired real red corduroy button.  It just happen to match the material perfectly.

These were quite easy to make; much quicker than I thought.  I may have to make some more of these.
Happy Stampin'

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Baby, It's Cold Outside!

Ok, so it's a little chilly not really cold, but I worked on a couple dozen of the cutest little key-chains. I just love this little snowman. He was from one of the clear sets you get at the LSS for a dollar! I think it is the eyes that makes me just melt over him LOL!

I put them in individual baggies with a little tag and on the back it is stamped with To & From from an old Stampin Up set. I am hoping to sell these at our schools Christmas craft fair this year. Hopefully people will think they are as cute as I do.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Spa Day at VC Rocks Hotel

I know you have heard me talking about VCRocks before as being the best yahoo group ever. During this Virtual Convention, not only do we get to chat, participate in swaps & bloghops; but we also can join the hotel where we get a real roommate!

You need to email each other, send each other cards and then you send each other a good box just like you would at the real convention. Well my roomie has been very busy this summer so I sent her down to the spa for a mani & pedi. What girl doesn't need pampering at the spa?

I found these cute little manicure/pedicure sets at Target. And we all know I just love my Big Shot! So here is what I came up with.

I had bought this set from my LSS a year or so ago because it had a lot of girlfriend things in it along with spa items and chocolate (the only thing I love more than my Big Shot!)

So here are two best friends headed to the spa for a little polish, gossip and relaxation.

Happy Stampin'

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Thankful Medallion

Nothing too fancy but it could be for a man if I took out the pearl in the middle.

Happy Stampin'

Friday, August 13, 2010


Here is a bookmark I made with the petal card die from Sizzix.  It is embossed with a SU embossing folder.  The flower was from a hostess set and then punched after being clear embossed.

Happy Stampin'

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

One Sad Little Swap

I was so excited for the Gifts for $1.00 swap at VC Rocks! I made three swaps.  However, there were not enough people joining for me to mail in three swaps.  So here is my sad swap that didn't get mailed.

I did give one away, but I decided not to mail these in because I plan to take them apart and making something with a winter theme for the school craft fair this fall. Maybe a small snowman and a verse about being cold out or friends being flakes.

I can't believe how quickly this summer is going by.  School will be starting at the end of August!  I better get going on craft fair items.

Happy Stampin'

Bookmark CASE

I hosted the VC Rocks bookmark swap. Many times the bookmark swaps are just two layers of paper that has been stamped and embellished some how. Well this year I said they could be any size,shape, etc.  I ended up with 40 sets of 10+1 bookmarks.  That is A LOT of bookmarks! 

As they came in the mail I opened them to get a sneak peek.  Here is one I cased as soon as I opened it!    It was so stinking cute and I had just received my order that had my butterfly die in it.  Can you say excited! So I went and dug out some paper and ribbon along with coasters that I had my husband bring home from his job.  And here is my version of Debbies cute bookmark.  I added some eyelets for the holes where I was putting my ribbon through.  I was only making one bookmark not eleven.

Happy Stampin'

Monday, August 9, 2010

Gifts For $1.00

Who doesn't love getting teacher gift ideas?  I always need them since  I work with a few dozen teachers!  Surprisingly, my creations for this swap did not include chocolate.  I know you are shocked right?!?!

The first swap items I made was an altered mini clipboard that hold mini post it notes. Teachers go through post it notes like there is no tomorrow.  During the group VC Rocks, we have virtual everything-even a hotel with pool boys.  So with the computer I printed a little check list that I put over the post it notes.  It says:

VC Rocks 2010 Check List
Snacks & Beverages
Pool Boy

The second item I made was a clear ruler that I decorated with designer paper.  These may be more of a hostess type gift or just for the teacher gift and hope the kids don't use it. The paper is cut the width of the ruler and glued on using crystal effects.

Happy Stampin"

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Who Wants Maine Lobsters?

Ok so they are not caught right of the coast...but I think they are stinkin cute!  And forgive the artistic impression...we all know (or Mainer's do) that lobsters are black with speckles when they are fresh and red once they cook.  My husband thought they didn't look like lobsters because "Lobster eyes don't bug out like that".  However, when I was making them he said they were cute (just goes to show men never listen)

I made seven of these little guys (I had to keep one for my own punch book).  What was I thinking? That is a lot of punching.  It took me two nights to punch and assemble.  I am hoping people in the VC Rocks Punch Swap enjoyed them. 

I took a punch art class with Heather and this was one of the great projects she did.  I just never got "around to it" so I made myself join this great swap and I had 5 punch pages for my book when I was done.

Happy Stampin' or punching in this case

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Mini Purse Swap

Another VC Rocks! swap was a mini purse swap. Again my Big Shot had to come out (I think I am addicted to that things LOL)  Only my color combination, the embossing folder, and the clasp were my idea.  For instructions on how to make one of these purse visit Tami White she has a great video!

What amazed me was not only was my swap the first one to arrive to the swap hostess; it won a prize for the cutest purse!  Can you believe it?  I can't.  She let her family judge all the swaps.  So I think I need to give a big shout to Tami for such a great video.

Note** In Tami's video, I believe she put in some 3x3 gift cards (a great gift by the way) but this purse also fits two Lindt truffles perfectly with a tiny bit of tissue paper.  I always stock up when I go out of state-there is a Lindt outlet store.  I feel I have hit the jackpot if the extra dark chocolate truffles are on sale.

Happy Stampin'

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

VC Rocks Big Shot 3D Swap

Once again I had to make something that would include chocolate. Unfortunately, the people who received my swap will have to buy their own chocolate.  Sorry, but I was afraid it would melt and wreck the project.  It is a Ghirardelli chocolate holder.  All the supplies are Stampin Up.  It is made with the scallop envelope die, the butterfly embosslet, some paper and ribbon for a belly band a little white gel pen and a rhinestone and there you have it!