Saturday, July 31, 2010


My oh so wonderful son that lives far away, scared the heck out of me & my husband along with the rest of my family.  We don's know all the details, the only witness was a small boy (I hope the little boy is ok)  Any how, here is the story (this happened in June & my son is perfectly fine by the way-so don't panic)  So my son & his girlfriend were at her sisters house (first time he was meeting girlfriends family).  My son & his girlfriend were playing with the nieces and nephews.  My son fell off a skateboard (this the part we don't know what happened since my son can't remember and his girlfriend was in-front of him so she didn't see it.  Her nephew did but he wasn't big enough to explain why my son fell).  My son fell and hit his head on the ground.  He was rushed to the hospital because he was knocked out for a minute.  So we were panicked waiting to hear the results from a CAT scan.  It turned out he just had a concussion.

Once all was said and done after a few days we could joke about it and teased him that he is a graceful as I am. So here is his card that I made him.  On the inside I printed a verse on the computer.  It says "We always told you life was tough, get a helmet.....You should have listened better!"

Happy Stampin'

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