Monday, July 12, 2010

Come Visit My Craft Room

For years now, I have not been mounting my stamps and I have stored them in jewl cd cases.  I used to have a bookcase with boxes that held the cases.  But I was running out of room and I had to find a creative way to use my space.  I have only a few small walls that are straight up and down.  I have a 17ft. that slants 4 ft off the floor, and the eaves of the roof start (needless to say most of the room you cannot stand up straight in most of this room)  Well I found this cd/dvd rack online and it only takes a 2x2 ft area on the floor.  And it holds more cd cases than I could ever own!  It was a bit pricey but it is sturdy. I have one side holding my Big Shot dies, SU stamp sets, one side holds other companies stamps.  There is even a section that holds cds and movies that I like to listen to when I craft.

This next picture is of a corner desk I bought dirt cheap from my local stamp store when it went out of business :(  On one side I have my laptop, printer, tv & dvd player.  The other side is left blank for when I have to start taking courses for my job this fall.  And you can also see the slant of the ceiling.

Here is the newly purchased wall unit I bought at Home Depot.  And it is the only full length wall in my room and it is the length of my desk LOL!  And for this moment frozen in time my desk is clean.  I have two shelves with misc. things stored on it.  The hanging basket hold the XL Big Shot dies.  I have enough room for one more shelf on top but last week my wallet said not today.
Here is my ink unit.  I had to finally buy a curtain so the sun wouldn't ruin my things.  Underneath the ink, is two of the 12x12 three draw storage containers you can buy at Walmart, it has a piece of wood on top to hold my ink storage stable.

The nest two photos are of my window above and below.  Sorry the pictures are not better but it hard to get a good photos with the sun coming into the camera.  I bought a regular curtain rod for my punches.  The ones that are now being called the
"Old Style" punches are on that.  Then I bought a cafe style curtain rod to hang under a small built in shelf that is attached to the window.  On that I have my ribbon.  I didn't realize I had so many rolls of the same color since before that they were all dumped in a box.  I am trying to put everything where I can see it so I will use it!

I hope you enjoyed your visit to my craft room.

Happy Stampin'

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