Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Scrapbook Page 2

Here is another page.  I love that xtra large flower punch becomes something in the new catalog.  At first I wasnt going to get things from the mini catalog that ended in April... Well guess what?  I got a fair amount from it!  I just thought of what I want to put in here.  Next weekend my 3 closest friends and I are going to be together.  Wouldnt that make an excellent photo.  They all get along but not all of them would be friends if they weren't friends with me too.  Does that make any sense.  But each one has certain qualities that they bring out in me.  One is the loud/daring one.  One is the all around fun one, and the last is the quiet/reserved one.  I am all those depending on which situation I am in.  **Note to self: Besides a snack bring the camera!

Happy Stampin

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