Sunday, February 28, 2010

A Tree for Dianne

I know it is way past December and I am still showing Christmas items that I made. (I was born on time and running late ever since!)  I used the Stampin Up 3D pop up tree and the box was from Gretchen's blog. I made bought this die thinking it was totally awesome, on sale, and I knew who I would make a special present for-Dianne.

Dianne is an incredible artist in her own right.  She paints on canvas and glass.  Every year (for about 8-9 years now) she has hand painted the entire staff that she works with a glass ornament (about 80+ people in her building).  For the past 3 years I havent worked in her building-but I still get an ornament thru the interoffice mail. She knows I just love her work and I have a special part of my Christmas tree (the very top where children and animals can't reach) that is dedicated to just Dianne's creations.

Due to the fact that I lost my brakes on the way to work- I made it to my building and had to send her present interoffice mail.  I had to scrounge around for a box to put it in so it wouldn't get crushed by the mail person.  I had to cute a pretzel  box and tape it up.  Later in the day I received and email that started off with a great big "OMG!!!" at the top LOL.
This happens to be the ornament I received this year.  Most of Dianne's work is flowers of some type when she paints on glass.  I have roses, lupine, daisies etc.  Each one is signed and dated when she makes them.  They are just beautiful especially when twinkling lights reflect off them!

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