Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Getting Organized

I still feel guilty that I haven't posted photos forever but I am getting closer to being more organized-which in the long run will help out.My husband is trying to get programs off my old desktop replacement and make them accessible for me besides my craft room which doesn't have heat.  Not a big deal in the summer but when the windchill is below zero at times during the winter..... Let's just say my craft room isn't my favorite place to be.

I am in hopes to save some money and get a 4 side dvd, cd storage unit that swivels and takes little floor space.  I haven't mounted my stamps for a very long time since I don't have a lot of storage room to begin with.  I have always stored my my stamps in cd cases.  Then on a book case I had cd storage boxes.  Well, the boxes are getting full and the company no longer makes the storage boxes; and at some point I will run out of room on my bookcase.  I am hoping with a cd storage unit, to take up less floor space and use the bookcase that is currently being used for stamps can be used to organize books and magazines I have in my bedroom.  Then all my stamping things will be together. 

It will be a long drawn out process but I am hoping it will be worth it in so many different ways.  Small steps every day....

Happy Stamping

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