Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Isn't It Sad When...

work isn't canceled due to snow?  I really wanted a snow day.  I have several pictures to crop and load.  I wanted to make some scarves today and clear covers for the boxes I have made.  How am I suppose to get all that done if I am at work LOL.

Check out your local dollar store for great bargains. I don't even dare to tell my hubby what I spent there the other night.  I found the spare picture frames that have the 3x3 opening with the ribbon hanger; scarves to alter; mini tote bags that I am going to turn into activity travel bags with the BAB die (Grammie is giving it to my DD for Christmas and I am counting down to  Christmas like a little kid because I want to play with my DD's toys!)

Hopefully soon I will be able to load photos quicker. My computer smart husband is going to link my laptop and the big computer together so I can get the photos from any spot in the house and not have to sit at my computer desk.  I may be blogging at night now, which may be easier once little people have gone to bed and think I have gone as well.

Happy Stamping

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