Saturday, October 10, 2009


My oldest son did it! He got his drivers license!!! We are so proud of him. Of course now he is completely independent. My little baby is a man-when did that happen?!?! (Dear Lord give me strength he brother is only a year behind)

Now I can just chillout for a little while. It had been a busy week. I worked until 10:00pm Friday, got up Saturday got three of my girlfriends-we went shopping etc then we went to our stamp club that I got to be the hostess. It was an awesome party!!! (lots of goodies coming my way and I will post photos of what we did later) Worked Sunday & Monday, picked ds up at the train station. Wednesday afternoon was his test-he was the last person taken out, the DMV actually closed before he was back from his road test. So we had to go back the next day to take his photo license. I was suppose to work this weekend as well at the college but dd woke up with a fever so we have both slept on and off today. I knew working two jobs & running the kids around was making me tired but I didnt realize how much until I got to sleep....

Ok so enough rambling and going on...
I will try to get the photos loaded this weekend.

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