Friday, September 11, 2009

Anniversary 9-11

Today is my 10th anniversary with DH. Happy Anniversary Honey, I love you!

Last year at this time I went away with my best friend (her anniversary is later this month). Our dear hubbies didnt want to go anyplace with us and we were dying to see Daniel Radcliffe in Equus (great performances by everyone by the way). So my girlfriend and I left hubbies at home and we went to NY for the weekend.

My best friend and walked all over NY and had a blast. I took so many pictures my memory card in the camera was full.

We also went to Ground Zero. It was heart breaking and it was still a mess at the time. Hopefully there has been more progress since then. Here are photos that I took last year and never posted.

This cross was part of a building and it was actually found just like this. The white part is some type of plastic that was melted to the iron. Here is a close up of the plaque that was put at the bottom.

Across the way from Ground Zero a building has a wall length memorial made from broze (I think). It is a mural of the site, fire fighters, volunteers, etc. There were flowers and many items that were left in honor of all the victims of that terrible day. One in particular just made me cry. A beer sitting all by itself with a note. God bless those who left us and the survivors...

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