Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Happy Birthday M&Ms

My son is gone this year for his birthday; but here is a card that will be waiting for him with a bag of M&Ms that actually has a picture of all the different colored M&Ms with party hats. I didnt notice at first when I bought the bag.

With the exception of the flowery poof on the top of the hats the M&Ms are all SU punches (current & retired)

Today I spent the day working on the side bars of my blog and I finished this card & went for a ride with my daughter to Wendy's to try to collect another audio book but we just got a repeat. Bummer. We are going to give it to my nephew at some point so not a total waste (and my daughter took a well needed nap in the car). It was nice. Hopefully the nice weather will keep up. We actually turned pink today after being in the sun!

Happy Stamping

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Maxene said...

these are AWESOME! So inspiring!