Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Photos Coming Soon...

Over the holiday I did get to stamp some & make some items and I actually remembered to take photos of them before I gave them away. I will try to get photos on here this weekend.


Things are going better

Things are going better as far as getting this blog in new colors. I can finally upload photos again so hopefully the problem was on blogspots side and not mine (I have no idea what the error message meant LOL) OK I changed the background color back to black. The hot pink was just too much for me (and the several shades of it (one or two would have been fine) I know it is drab, dreary and cold here but black is still one of my favorite colors....


New Blog Colors

OK I am changing my blog colors to something cheery since the weather & sky have been gray for so long. However, I cant get all of my text to change color. Half of my posts are still white. Even if I highlight and click on the color I want. It's driving me crazy.